What to Wear Leather Jacket With

This versatile and stylish sort of leather jacket must be present in the wardrobe of every fashion. It is no coincidence a garment met almost every fashion show as designers like to work with this material. With leather jacket you can create different images that will fit both elegant businesswoman and naughty girlfriend bikers. No matter which style you prefer, you might want to know what to wear leather jackets?

From What to Wear Classic Leather Jacket

Start worth of time-tested, traditional images. Yes, the classic black leather jacket perfectly combined with waist black pants, black knit skirts, pencils, extended leather skirts and dresses windows. Looking for classic images, it seems that fashion is not arrogant, black leather jackets were completed tight silhouette in fashion, as in the past, and this century. Ardent fans of leather goods made in a minimalist Anthony Vaccarello, Joseph, Marios Schwab, Valentin Yudashkin and other global brands. The image that includes leather jacket, blouse, trousers or skirt strict perfectly fit into everyday business style. But here it is not without progressive-minded views, which clearly can be seen by looking at the collection of Anthony Vaccarello, who suggested combining leather jacket leather jacket with ultra-mini skirts. This dress is definitely not work, but here to meet friends or go shopping you no ban.

From What to Wear Jackets in Biker Style

Biker theme – undeniable trend cold season. Not surprisingly, this area designers have paid much attention. As a result of their fruitful work of our attention was a huge number of modern and original biker kurtochok. Usually, these models are distinguished by the presence of tilted lightning stohanyh inserts, studs, straps, rivets. Quite popular in this season’s jackets, leather jackets that can be called versatile article of clothing as they can be combined with almost any thing.

The Combination of Leather Jackets with Skirts

Many good products look like with different styles of skirts. Designers call to wear jackets in biker style with candid skirts, and with extended capabilities. Wild looked very image of Anthony Vaccarello, which includes packet-skirts and leather biker jackets. In addition, a pair of good leather jacket will make pleated suede, leather and even patent leather skirt.

The Combination of Leather Jackets with Dresses and Tunics

kurtochok In combination in biker style with light girlish dresses some call the spoils of eclecticism, but this combination is very popular among modern women of fashion and that is why it has the right to life. Surprisingly, with jackets and leather jackets, although very harmonious look like chiffon, silk products and dresses with geometric and floral prints. In cold weather, the image can successfully supplement single colored knitted hat, leggings or tights.

The Combination of Leather Jackets with Jeans

When it comes to biker jackets, including leather motorcycle coats, coats on, then the first thing that comes to mind the image of the base will be fashionable jeans. This option is easiest to play. Just wear a blouse or shirt, boots or shoes with a pin favorite jeans and jacket to look stylish and fashionable. In fact, it should be noted that in the best case will look jeans in the figure. They can be torn or worn, or blue color that is not essential. For a sporty look, you need to stock up sneakers, knitted hats or caps, free tops or T-shirts. The image of modern urban fashionista filled in properly selected accessories, including sunglasses, light scarves and quite bulky bags.