What You Wear to Sleep

On 83 people who responded to the survey, here are the results knowing that 96 answers have been saved since it was possible to enter several:

24% sleep naturally.
20% sleep in only his underwear.
13% have opted for the pajamas.
13% chose a simple t-shirt.
11% have an outfit special dodo!
10 percent have the sexy babydoll…
9% prefer the Nightgown.

So first of all, I have been surprised to see so many people settle their winter coat and a piece of vine.
It’s true that if I had started the survey this summer, I do not… But you give me pretty darn cold!

Certainly, those who keep just panties or boxers are little more covered… Which brings us almost to the half of Internet users who responded!

But when you see the provided range of the babydolls, Nightgown, pajamas of Mbakecheng, is to wonder if this outfit is not of transits between the holding of city and the… What is your case?

What is your choice? Do you have a House outfit and an outfit travel? Are you rather consumer or conservative in this matter (the famous pilou… Pajamas)?

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  • Altogether is my case: the babydoll is only for transit at the time of put me to bed (not Pajamas pilou except when Mr isn’t here, I mean it’s pretty t-shirt and sweatpants).
    And then my quilt is so hot that I’m never cold in there.
    PS: that means sleep in gun dog?

Written by: Laurence 17 h 19-Monday 08 January, 2007

  • So am I the worst kills love, at least in winter: it’s old t-shirt and socks
    However summer tank top and panties… still hot but I can’t sleep without this minimum… well Yes, even under my covers I’m shy…

Written by: Suny 17 h 27 – Monday 08 January, 2007

  • SUNY > Ah socks I had not thought to ask… ^ ^

Written by: Julie calmier 17 h 32 – Monday 08 January, 2007

  • I have a Topper heating, it is natural that I sleep.
    Not even cold!
    Otherwise, this is held comfortable, bathrobe, jammies in pilou, totally laugh at the look, it’s just the comfort that counts.
    At home, like travel.The only time I bought a beautiful Nightgown, it was for my delivery.
    In addition, totally stupid idea.

Written by: Dom 17 h 35 – Monday 08 January, 2007

  • It’s winter so my outfit special dodo is very… very what?Beware, I detail: first of all, the pants either jogging or of pajamas, or even an old black linen pants, then, I put on one of my t-shirts long-sleeved turquoise special dodo then a small with thin straps in sponge red summer dress I put on top. Then come the great striped socks mulicolores mounted to the thighs and finally, my polar hooded sweatshirt. I note in passing that no, I do not live at the north pole and that Yes, I turn on my radiators but I’m like that, overnight, I have cold. Next time, I will discuss my 2 pigtails and my 3 pleas…

Written by: Lullabulle 22 h 05 – Monday 08 January, 2007

  • Just like you, I’ve been super results surprise: so many daredevils who brave the cold by daring to sleep… to natural, without heating ultra babygros which never fail to warm the feet (still frozen) of these ladies to poor circulation (well Yes, me too I have breast cancer disease of the “cold ends”).On my side, and in winter, it is far from sexy (and I say this without shame): it’s pajamas… not the pilou anyway (must not push, but you made me well laugh)… but repeated that with big matching soft slippers, which falls on the bottom of the hips tightened by a cord that still lacks strength because of her great age and the washing machine. And when Mr is by my side… it’s shorty and top matching in which looks like a real woman kid… but well I assume! ;))

Written by: EmilieG 11: 40 am – Tuesday, 09 January 2007

  • Natural under a warm duvet in the winter, I’m still too hot… then exit any piece of fabric!:) It’s so nice to sleep naked!

Written by: marouschka 12: 00 pm – Tuesday, 09 January 2007

  • Thanks for the link Julie!Good well no I don’t sleep in gun dog but rather into a ball on the side (one or the other) ^^

Written by: Laurence 17 h 50 – Tuesday, 09 January 2007

  • Me actually depends on the nights, sometimes I get very cold these last nights as temperatures rise, I understand lol!So kind last night it was pajamas and socks… and despite that and the very thick Duvet, I still had chills… :-/When it was colder, I was in uniform minimum lol!Look sometimes…

Written by: AurelieT 12 h 07 – Wednesday 10 January, 2007

  • I’m going to believe that I have a blog of girl, too!^^DOM > Topper heating… it must be really nice! :DLullabulle > I see you doing mixes for your outfit special dodo stranger than mine! ^^
    And I remember in topic: with duvets how sleep you? 😉

    Emilie > but I think it’s charming the tank top and shorty (and I say that because I have in my closet, point at all…)!

    Marouschka > I’d like to be part of those people who are always too hot… * sigh *.

    Laurence > welcome, my dear 😉

Written by: Julie calmier 12: 48 am – Wednesday 10 January, 2007

  • Hi Julie!
    To refine your survey me I sleep in a Nightgown winter (: o) and my Pajamas so serve as a transition before my burial under my covers (I remember that I have two, but sometimes I get one during night).
    Otherwise when I’m sleeping at friends (like when I was a teenager: I looove talk until 3 o’clock in the morning in the dark, hihi) I have a zoli tank top and a short pitit matches [that gave me my ex one day].Because, am too modest to put a Nightie in this case.