When I wear Ugg Boots? My Tips for Winter

Ugg boots have been around for several years now in the shops. The Fashion Boots remained always trendy. At the right opportunity are Uggs a great eye-catcher. But the Boots determined not to match any outfit. So what is allowed and what is not? I stick to these tips:

When I wear Ugg Boots My Tips for Winter


  • Uggs, ideal for short errands
  • In no case in the office
  • Tighten Absolutely socks
  • Not rain or snow
  • combine Uggs with leggings
  • No shorts


Uggs, ideal for short errands
Ugg Boots are perfect times to go just before the door to the bakery, ATM or other occasions. Man schlüft quickly in the boot and out you go.

In no case in the office
I would never recommend the Uggs to wear to the office. The boots are definitely too casual for. Although it would be tempting so comfortable boots to wear in the office. With colleagues and customers makes it determines a good impression. The only option would be to put Uggs on the way to work, instead of high heels. Well, might look something stupid perhaps, along with business suits. So rather not.

Absolutely socks attract
Please, please pulls socks in the boots. There is nothing worse than smelling ugg boots that can verpessten an entire room. Yes, the coat flatters bare feet and it is super convenient. But fur has absorb sweat the Ange Lives awareness. And that smell will get rid of any more.

Not rain or snow
Uggs are not waterproof, as iamhigher says. Even with a waterproofing agent are Uggs not waterproof. You will always absorb water. When it rains, these boots so better stay at home. Uggs keep your feet warm, for everything else there’s rain boots.

Uggs with leggings combine
Adjust Uggs with leggings? But certainly, because the contrast of the thick material of Uggs and leggings supple leaves your legs look slimmer. As long as you combine Uggs and leggings with a casual outfit

No shorts
Who would combine a bikini and a winter scarf? Neither fit Ugg boots and shorts together.Uggs are made for the cold season. The ideal weather is so dry autumn days or bitingly cold winter without snow!

On what occasion you are wearing Ugg boots? I look forward to your comment:-)