Where to Eat Pancakes in the Port: 7 Must-See Locations

Looking for places to eat pancakes in the Port? Came to the right place. The invicta is full of amazing locations, with pancakes for all tastes, that will serve as an excuse for moments of relaxation, whether with friends or family. After all, there are memories that can only be achieved when gathered around a table.

Where to Eat Pancakes in the Port 7 Must-See Locations

The Invicta is more in fashion than ever and it shows by the huge variety of restaurants available, of high quality. But if you are looking for specifically local where to eat pancakes at the Port, we reveal some of the best spots to indulge.

Do cold or rain, to visit one of the places to eat pancakes at the Port is always a good suggestion. Stay tuned to our tips.



A place that needs no introduction, because it has one of the brunchs the most delicious and full of the Invincible, in which stand out the delicious pancakes, that leave my mouth water just to imagine.

Here you can find pancakes with a mass of chocolate, oatmeal, blueberry or vegetarian. And as the topping is a must that everyone loves, you know you can cover it with hot chocolate, peanut butter, jam, whipped cream, fruit and various flavours of handmade ice-creams.

  • Price: from 1.60€
  • Site
  • Where: Rua de José Falcão, 32
  • When: Monday to Saturday from 10h to 20h / Sunday from 10h to 16h


The Noshi is a coffee shop with a concept connected to nature, and, as such, it has an interior courtyard with a hanging garden and pots hung, which reinforce the philosophy of green space, almost making you forget that we are in the centre of the city.

For breakfast or delicious snacks and quality, there are many options, but the pancakes prepared with vegetable drinks are without a doubt, the dish to try.

  • Average price: 12€
  • Site
  • Where: Street of Expensive, 11 and 12
  • When: Tuesday to Friday from 8.30 to 19: 30 / Saturday from 9h to 20h / Sunday from 10h to 18h

Where to Eat Pancakes in the Port 7 Must-See Locations 2

3. BOP

Imagine those pancakes, the perfect flavor, texture and size. Now think of a different location, with a touch of vintage and vinyl music to liven up the environment. You no longer need to imagine anymore, because this place exists and it’s called BOP.

Has a style of american coffee and for the same reason, the pancakes could not miss. Are served at breakfast, at the end of the week and accompanied by maple syrup or melted chocolate.

  • Price: from 1,50€
  • Site
  • Where: Rua da firmeza, 575
  • When: Monday to Friday 11h to 01h / Saturday and Sunday from 10h to 01h


Do not be fooled by the name, because here there are not only pavlovas. Well, if you visit the space and have the opportunity to enjoy this amazing dessert, not sure of the make.

But today’s subject are the same pancakes, with fruit and apple syrup, or even a more exotic and inspired the name of the space. What does that mean? That can eat pancakes accompanied, for example, with the ice cream from the curd passion fruit. One thing is certain: you’ll want to surely repeat this experience in dining for many more times.

  • Price: 3,90€
  • Site
  • Where: Rua do Almada, 13
  • When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 11h to 19h


It is the oldest coffee of the city, but who has been able to adapt to the constant changes imposed by the evolving of the times, but also by the needs that the tourism has been created.

As such, the gastronomic variety of the Coffee Progress now includes also pancakes. A lot of good. Since the sweet, with red fruits, almonds, or honey; to the savory, with guacamole or arugula.

  • Average price: 7,50€
  • Site
  • Where: Rua Actor João Guedes, 5
  • When: Sunday to Friday from 9h to 22h / Saturday from 9h to 23h

Where to Eat Pancakes in the Port 7 Must-See Locations 3


The Hand Go is one of the spaces of the Invicta more concerned to provide culinary offerings that take into account food choices more healthy.

In such a way, that here you will find pancakes so-called normal, but also vegans, whose facings follow the same trend: fruit, honey, chocolate vegan, and dried fruits.

  • Average price: 6€
  • Site
  • Where: the Street of the Assumption, 9
  • When: Sunday to Thursday from 11h30 to 21h / Friday and Saturday from 12h to 22h


The history of Tea of the Five appears to have been taken from a novel with a happy ending: the first dining experiences began in 2012, in 2015 they founded a blog, and in 2017 opened the shop to which the founders call “home”.

This space is not only a cafeteria, is not only a bakery, but a place to experience and explore all the passions: the pastries, the teas and the breakfast, which includes pancakes high and fluffy, served with honey and butter.

  • Price: from 3,75€
  • Site
  • Where: Praça da Alegria, 63
  • When: Tuesday to Friday from 13h30 to 19h / Saturday and Sunday from 10h30 to 18h30