Why You’ll Also Love the Liquid Lipstick

It’s not just the opaque finish (though that alone we have gained from first).

Why You’ll Also Love the Liquid Lipstick

It was during a meeting of the agenda that the Althea, the editorial team, lifted the ball of liquid lipstick. Matter of time before everyone starts talking about his preferred version. Never heard of it? Disguised as a pack of lip gloss, lipstick liquid is more mushy than a normal, but make no mistake: few seconds after application, it becomes opaque (the way that we like).

Brands and colors aside, the truth is one: everyone here agreed that the lipstick liquid lip sticks and lasts horrors (type, at least 6 hours). The packaging is mara to play the friend in the bag and they are super pigmented, IE a lot of color with few layers. Oh, and they come with that pincelzinho, so goodbye Falcon in time to hit the contour of the lips. People, it’s lipstick or is miracle?

Before Using the Watch:

-Be more formulas drained, liquid lipstick tends to crease and to dry out the lips. Invest in a good lip and spend 15 minutes before applying yours.

-The most liquid lipsticks is well pigmented, so no need to exaggerate the dose, ok? Because spending large amounts at once can blur and Crackle. Pass a layer first and if you want more coverage wait to dry then apply the.

-Durability is top-writing girls swear they spend their lipstick liquid in the morning and come home at night with it intact-but not everything is forever. They can stay worn (especially in the center of the lips), but nothing that a basic retouching don’t give way.

-Time to turn and face wash (do not go to bed with makeup, huh!) use a two phase makeup remover or with formula that make waterproof.