WikiLeaks Supporters Start Attacking Fax Machines

Yes, you read that right. The same group that took the air momentarily the sites Amazon, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and some others now decided to attack old peripherals. But before you think they are organizing themselves into groups, going into convenience stores and destroying all the fax machines that are ahead of us, know that in fact it is a slightly more organized attack and a little less offline that.

What the group of supporters of WikiLeaks met in IRC channels on Monday to practice a kind of DDoS attack the fax machines of the same companies that have suspended financial transactions to the site. They found corporate fax numbers and began to send numerous faxes to them, containing threats, telegrams and logo WikiLeaks and even Guy Fawkes images, preventing them from receiving legitimate documents and render the lines connected to devices.

Some lines have been disabled by the companies. That may seem a means futile attack, but some companies are still tied to this dated technology and did not receive some faxes can bring financial losses to them. With an emphasis on “may”, since there is always the option of employees take the plug faxes, redirecting numbers with company help phone or maybe use the internets for a change.