With God Mode, You May End up with the Endless Horizontal Stripes Netflix

When you access the home page of Netflix, can see suggestions of movies based on your personal tastes, with covers displayed in a horizontal list. On devices with touchscreen, just drag your finger across the screen to navigate through the suggestions. But this is a nightmare if you use mouse: you must leave the arrow on a button and wait … wait … But there is a way around this.


The developer Renan Cakirerk developed a God Mode for Netflix. This is a bookmarklet for you to keep the bookmarks bar of your browser and activate it when not with patience to see capinhas films rolling slowly across the screen. To install it, go to this page, drag the button to your bookmarks bar and click it when accessing Netflix.

The downside is that there is no way to save your preferences, and you need to click the bookmarklet every time you’re on Netflix – but the trick is already a great solution to this big problem of humanity.