Work Gloves, Welding Gloves

You can certainly choose from a wide range of different types of protective gloves for each activity. Gloves are suitable both for welding and also for routine work when handling metals and other materials in bodily injury. These are quality products of renowned companies complying with strict standards.

Work Gloves, Welding Gloves

Protect your hands!

Very often on hand to workplace accidents. Many work activities require the use of appropriate protective gloves, safety of hands is usually taken up such an account, and most realize it until after the accident, when it’s too late.

Therefore, protect your hands, we offer a wide range of gloves various types and designs and different materials at

We offer not only conventional types such as combination and leather gloves, but also heat-resistant gloves or chemical resistant gloves. We also offer disposable gloves. Always expect the highest quality. Keep your hands in safe work gloves.

Our customers are happy to help you choose the appropriate type of protective gloves.

Our site offers:

  • welding gloves,
  • working gloves.

How to choose the right glove?

The market offers a great variety of different types of gloves, embodiments and from different materials. The primary factor in choosing the right glove is  marking the risks against which you want to protect. Another aspect is working comfort and the length of the work performed with gloves on our site they are working in heat or cold, or under normal conditions.