Yahoo Acquires Geolocation Service

The Yahoo! Announced on Tuesday the purchase of geolocation service Koprol, startup founded in 2009 in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Like his famous competitor FourSquare, the new acquisition of the web former giant “is exclusively focused on the mobile internet” and allows its users to mark locations and exchange information, tips and reviews about the places visited with other service members.

In an official statement the vice president of Yahoo’s operations in Asia, Rose Tsou, remember that access to the Web through devices such as smartphones and mobile is “growing especially in developing countries,” and that with the new purchase his company intends ” present for newcomers users to the internet “, and celebrate the” solid user base “of the new service. Already in its official blog the Koprol says it plans to be “growing” and expand its borders to “beyond Indonesia.”

The company says that “soon” plans to introduce Koprol in other markets, but did not give any date for his international debut.

The transaction were not disclosed, but last week Yahoo! saw its proposed US $ 100 million for the purchase of FourSquase be politely refused.