YouTube App for Windows Phone is Back

Microsoft launched in May a client YouTube to Windows Phone, but Google did not like the idea and asked us to remove the app from the store after noticing two problems: he did not display ads and allow downloading videos, which was not allowed the terms of use of the YouTube API. Now, after solving the problems with Google, Microsoft released the app again – and with a new feature.

The new YouTube app for Windows Phone, developed by Microsoft, has the same Metro interface that we saw earlier. It supports playlists, profile management, subscriptions to channels and has integration with the Child Space, Windows Phone feature that restricts access to inappropriate content. There is no way to download videos, and advertisements started to appear.

The main novelty is the upload videos, which eliminates the need to transfer the video to your computer and only then send it. But some are complaining of limitations.

As the video is downloaded in the background, the YouTube app suffers from the restrictions imposed by Microsoft Windows Phone, documented here. To send a file via the data network, it must have a maximum of 5 MB – above that, only by Wi-Fi. Also, if the video is larger than 20 MB, the device must necessarily be connected to a wall outlet. And if you want to send a video larger than 100MB? Well, you do not send.

Of course, these limitations are there to avoid excessive consumption of battery and also to unsuspecting users with very limited data plans do not complain later. The problem is that there is no option to release the sending large video. And those limits are very low: Peter Bright of Ars Technica, it states that a 1080p video filmed by the Lumia 1020 is about 3 MB per second.

The YouTube app for Windows Phone can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.