YouTube Must Remove Controversial Film Trailer About Muhammad, Decide Justice São Paulo

The Court of Justice of São Paulo gave ten days for the YouTube, an online property of Google, remove videos containing trailer controversial film “Innocence of Muslims“, a production that offends the Prophet Muhammad to portray him as pedophile. The fine was fixed at $ 10,000 daily if the site does not comply with the decision.

According to The State of São Paulo, the decision was made this afternoon in a lawsuit filed by the National Islamic Union against Google Brazil. In an interview with the lawyer of Islamic authority said the film hurts the freedom of religion, right guaranteed by the Constitution and offends Islamic community.

The decision be appealed.

Although Google Brazil has not spoken out on the subject to date, it is no surprise that the company go to appeal the decision as well as possible.

The movie “Innocence of Muslims” sparked controversy today by portraying the Prophet Muhammad, Islam maximum symbol, with inclinations toward pedophilia. It is not known who the real director. As reported before, actors who participated in the production say that the audio has been modified and that there was no reference to Muhammad in the original script.

In response to a request from the White House, Google refused to delete the YouTube movie. The video site needed to block access in some countries where the reproduction of this content is prohibited by law.

The legal department of the engine must be pretty busy. Last week an election judge ordered the arrest of the chief financial officer of the company. Another election judge ruled that since the arrest of Google’s president in Brazil, Fábio Coelho, in another process originated by video on YouTube. Now, more that.

Watch the movie

We reproduce below the film “Innocence of Muslims“. The content comes directly from YouTube and can go off the air at any time. The instant that I publish the article has close to 56,000 views.