Cities in Turkey

Many of you associate a Turkey vacation with beach, sun, lazing around and the sea. But a city trip to Turkey can also be a wonderful break for you. The cities in Turkey are a mix of tradition and modernity. So that you can find the right city for you, I have selected and described some of them for you below. Have fun exploring!

Cities in Turkey


The vibrant city of Istanbul is particularly popular with tourists on a city trip to Turkey. The pearl on the Bosporus is the most populous city in Turkey and awaits you with countless sights. Under no circumstances should you miss the famous Hagia Sophia, which attracts everyone’s attention with its pompous appearance. Further sights are the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace or the Galata Tower. You can find additional suggestions and inspiration for your daily planning in my Istanbul tips. A visit to the city on two continents is also worthwhile in winter: New Year’s Eve in Istanbul is a very special experience.


A little further to the south is Antalya. The city on the Mediterranean coast has historical charm. Here you can admire the ancient remains from bygone times and then enjoy the dream beaches on the turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea. Take a look at the landmark of Antalya, Hadrian’s Gate, and stroll through the picturesque old town. Especially in the old town of Kaleici you will find the influences of the different occupiers such as Romans, Byzantines or Ottomans. You will find the Düden waterfall in the Lara region. Here the masses of water plunge up to 30 meters into the depth, which makes a nice photo motif. You should also visit the rock tombs of Myra on a day trip. These are located about 2.5 hours by car from Antalya.


The popular travel destination Belek, east of Antalya, makes every vacationer happy. Those looking for relaxation who love the sea and those interested in culture with a sense of history are equally catered for. Belek, like the other places on the Turkish Riviera, is designed to the highest degree for tourism and offers travelers great leisure activities. Have fun in a water park, check out the technology in The Land of Legends theme park, or just relax on the numerous sandy beaches.


Another popular travel destination in Turkey is located between Alanya and Antalya on the south coast of Turkey: Side. An impressive mix of ancient ruins and paradisiacal stretches of beach awaits you here. Culture, history and the right amount of sun, beach and sea make Side the perfect refuge for a trip to Turkey. Let yourself be carried away into the past by the theater from the 2nd century, the arched gate, the trading agora and the south basilica. The numerous ruins are definitely worth a visit.



Alanya on the Turkish Riviera is the ultimate destination for a beach holiday in Turkey. There are picturesque beaches as far as the eye can see. The port city of Alanya also has a lot to offer culturally and impresses with an extensive history. Historic sites like the Red Tower or the castle are a great change from lounging on the beach. You should definitely visit the west beach, also called Cleopatra beach, or the gently sloping east beach, also called begonia beach.


In Izmir you can experience a big Turkish city without getting into the hustle and bustle yourself. Relaxed beach life and cultural treasures meet here in an impressive way. The oriental flair will enchant you and the impressions will be unforgettable. In Izmir itself there are some monuments that will teach you the history of that time. Alternatively, you can leave the city and go on excursions in the area. Ephesus awaits visitors with the Temple of Artemis and in Cesme you can marvel at the remains of the Greek city of Erythrai.


Hobby historians, water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and those looking for relaxation – you are all right in Bodrum for a varied stay. Diversity and diversity characterize this city on the Turkish Aegean. On the one hand modern holiday complexes, on the other hand remnants of bygone eras. Stay at the beach or visit a museum, stroll through the port city or go on a mountain excursion. There are no limits to your interests here and the Mediterranean flair awaits you at every corner. You shouldn’t neglect the harbor, because it is beautifully framed by the city and offers the perfect photo opportunities.