Coin, Measure and Weight in India

The coin denomination

The currency is rupi (eng. Rupee). 1 rupee (symbol Rs, currency code INR) = 100 paise. Before 1957, the rupee was divided into 16 annas of 12 pies. The Reserve Bank, Reserve Bank of India, was founded in 1935 and transformed into a state institution in 1949.

Coin in India

Weights and Measures

The meter system was made compulsory from 1966. The weight units were either British or traditional Indian according to the Weight Act of 1939 (eg maund of 40 seer to 4 pah to 4 choatak of 5 tola; 1 seer = 0.933 kg). By a new law of 1975, the SI system is fully implemented.

Time Calculations

In addition to the Gregorian calendar, from 1957 the old Saka- time bill is also used in some official contexts. The era is named after the Saka dynasty that ruled Northern India in the 1st century AD. The Saka time bill has the year 78 AD. as the beginning year, and calculates the year from the day after the spring equinox, but otherwise follows the solar year.