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Countryaah:┬áIt’s a challenge to sum up more than 5,000 years of history in just 200 pages, but that’s exactly what this site has achieved. The Story of the World for Those Who Are in Need is in fact a synthetic but comprehensive guide to all we need to know about the most important events in history, from ancient civilizations to the end of World War II and the creation of the UN. Whether you are interested in the empire of Alexander the Great, or in the flowering of the Carthaginian republic and its destruction by Rome; the rise of the Arab caliphates or the Tang dynasty of China; the American Civil War or the emancipation of women, you will find the essential facts in this equally essential book. Concise, enjoyable to read and elegantly simple but thoughtful, The Story of the World for Those Who Are in a Hurry allows the reader to understand the interconnectedness of time and events. Finally, a synthesis of history that leaves no stone unturned and teaches us how the modern world has become what it is.

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