Duckie Brown Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 at Milan Fashion Week

In Duckie Brown they propose a season Fall-winter 2011-2012 garments rather than broad, exaggerated, in a collection dominated the sack silhouette and the generous volumes.

And many items of for the new season according to Daniel Silver y Steven Cox (thinking heads and creators of the House), has a more comfortable appearance, both that seem more typical of the homewear which of the ready to wear, it seems that the New York fashion week, takes the style ‘ living at home ‘, because they were not the only ones, but that’s another story.

What is really important is the masterful treatment making of the Tissues, apparently very simple patterns (but that in fact they are not), displaced, draped and pleated seams, lapels xl, etc. All within one chromatic austere dominated by the bluish gray, earthy tones, the binomial insperable black and white, and color accents Golden.

A sack with the balloon shape

Flowing lines in outfits dominated the sack silhouette and the Globe clothing, both parties above at the bottom. In this way a sweatshirt of Tweed in Tang color raw, with adjustable bajera thanks to shoelaces, is combined with a pants baggy wide shot.

Silk knitted in sweaters oversize presented in the overlays well with t-shirts or but with hood, in both cases hoodies also made of point.

Homeless style and Romanche color

Two outfits from the most homelless style that you remember to some style of Vivienne Westwood (of the current winter). Again baggy pants, in some cases of woven tartan, that are combined with hair shirts y giant wraps also of fur, in a curly material It seems mongolia goat, Although it might be a kind of poodle synthetic (he could not confirm the data), materials aside, you know that these kinds of items I love, I’m very ‘skins show’, which I will do.
This same style tramp presents an interesting color combination that mixture a beige-maquillaje (which is approaching to the) nude) combined with a tone in between in Grey and the Brown, a mi me I like to call it Grison, also accepted color mouse.

Grayscale and marbled pattern

As I said at the beginning to dominate the neutral tones in austere outfits, Although this block are the most combinana tones, although always as much in three color combinations, Basic and indispensable in any fund of wardrobe, such as white, which in this case is pure black and different types of grey, from the lightest to the darkest or marengos.
Note the great proposal of the peacoat of large flaps with print of ‘marbled effect’, and the fall and the drapes from silk knitted t-shirts, combined with American, always three buttons, which are Interestingly the most classic.


Looks simple in a return to the minimalism so recurrent since the 90’s, but the truth is that it has never left. Sets of tailoring in merino wool, cashmere and silhouettes a bit more tight at the top. If that is the frock coat and he does not lack is classic wrap knee.

Classic coat sobretallado

The Classic coat of tripe button and large ‘v’ neckline is one of the key proposal, also stage inspiration and pattern sobretallado, very similar to those they already saw in Prada. It is loose, well armed and with important shoulder pad. And presents or smooth in Ecru, or marbled and abstract print cream with details in Golden and blue, to match the rest of the styling.


It is one of the trends for this spring-summer 2011 / 2012 now will look at in more detail in future posts, but will continue next winter. Large cleavages in peak, round or even skewed and runaway necks.


Fashionistimusgucci Fashion Week Autumnwinter 2011 2012 …

Fashionistimusgucci Fashion Week Autumnwinter 2011 2012 ...