Iran Foods

Iranian cuisine – Persian cuisine

The basis of the Iranian cuisine is the Persian cuisine, because Iran corresponds in parts to the area of ​​ancient Persia. In addition to traditional Persian cuisine, there are more and more fast food restaurants like ours in Iran, a country located in Middle East according to relationshipsplus.

An important ingredient in Iranian cuisine: rice

The basis of most dishes in Iran is rice, mostly basmati rice in different varieties. The rice is also prepared in different ways. This rice is often served mixed with fruit such as sour cherries or apricots.

This is how the rice is sometimes sweet, but also hearty. In this case, vegetables, various legumes, but also meat are added. Spices are very important in Iranian cuisine, especially saffron, which is a spice that turns rice yellow, or turmeric. Both are spices that originally come from Asia. Raisins or nuts also complement many rice dishes.

Popular meat skewers

Chelo Khoresh is rice with vegetables and meat that is pickled in a nut sauce. Another popular dish is polo shirin, which is a vegetarian dish. This is also rice, which is mixed with saffron and mixed with raisins, almonds and oranges.

Chelo Kababs is rice with meat skewers that you put in a marinade and grill over charcoal. Kabab is available in different variants and mostly – rice. Kofte are also very popular. These are meatballs. Abhusht is something like our stew. Iranians also like to eat mutton and eggplant stew.

Delicious yogurt – sometimes sweet, sometimes salty

You can find yogurt almost everywhere in Iran, sometimes sweet, sometimes hearty. You mix this with honey or nuts, but also with garlic and cucumber. Popular dishes include a cold yogurt soup with peppermint, chopped cucumbers and raisins.

Sometimes sweet too!

In Iran there are also many delicious desserts and sweets such as delicious dates or a dessert that is very similar to Turkish baklava and consists of almonds, pistachios, powdered sugar and spices.

Rice pudding with sugar and rose water is also popular, and rice pudding is also on the table. By the way, there is also ice cream in Iran, which is called Fālude. It looks a lot like white nougat and is made from whipped egg whites, sugar and almonds.

And what do you drink in Iran?

Iranians like to drink tea. You first put a piece of sugar in your mouth and then drink the tea. Yoghurt is also popular in Iran, comparable to the lassi drink that exists in India. Since Iran is a Muslim country, alcohol is not allowed to be drunk. But there are often non-alcoholic beers.

Iran Foods