Kazakhstan Everyday Life

How do people live?

Many people in Kazakhstan live in simple conditions and in modest circumstances. You have a small apartment and just enough to eat. Many also come to terms with their situation, they have few alternatives to change something. Life is different in the country than in the city, including in Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhs used to roam the country like nomads as horsemen and lived in their yurts. Yurts are tents made from a wooden frame that is covered with fabric. In the middle of a yurt is the stove, from which a pipe runs through which the smoke can pass. While in Mongolia, for example, many people still live in these yurts – at least in the warmer months – this way of life has almost completely disappeared in Kazakhstan. Only a few families still move through the country in yurts.

Industrial cities

There are many industrial cities in Kazakhstan. Large factory chimneys shape the image of the city here. But in such cities people find work, so they live there, even if the environment doesn’t look very friendly. Many children also live here. The air is often dirty. So many people get sick too. But many earn money in the factories and can thus support their families, which is becoming more and more difficult in the country. That’s why they’re moving from the country to the city.

Temperature differences of 60 degrees? As the?

Khan Shatyr is the name of a huge mall that is designed to overshadow pretty much anything you’ve ever seen in a mall. And it’s not just a mall, it’s also entertainment. You will find an aquapark with its own wellness area on the top floor. There is a wave pool with a giant slide here. Here it gets up to 30 degrees, while outside it can be -30 degrees. If you do the math correctly, that makes a temperature difference of 60 degrees, which can also happen in Kazakhstan.

Not an easy everyday life

For most children, life in Kazakhstan is much simpler than it is for us. The newest phone or Xbox isn’t available here yet. Above all, the many children who live in the country are also happy about little things. Children in the country have to help with the work. In Kazakhstan, rural poverty is still very high. Nevertheless, many people at least still have their families and the members of a family support one another. But now many people are moving to the new capital, Nursultan. A lot has been built here in recent years and jobs have also been created as a result.

But many workers got very little money for a lot of work, so that many poor people lived and still live in the capital. On the one hand there are people who now live in the wealth of this modern city and families who live on the outskirts in poor residential silos that can hardly be heated, and this at temperatures below zero degrees in the long Kazakh winters. The children especially suffer because the medical care is poor and their parents cannot afford an education for their children. There are children who do not attend kindergarten or school, who get sick and often no longer have a family at all. Many of these children then end up in a state children’s home, where they are looked after at least once.

Family life

The family is very important in Kazakhstan, a country located in Asia according to intershippingrates. The children look after their parents, that’s completely normal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work everywhere today because the children often move into the city and leave the old ones behind. It works even better in the country. It is also common for young families to leave their firstborn son with the husband’s parents. Many Kazakhs are still very young when they get married, are still in training or have just started their first job. The grandparents take on the task of raising the grandchildren. Later, the younger ones take care of the old ones. But these old family ties continue to dissolve in Kazakhstan.

Eating in Kazakhstan

What do you eat in Kazakhstan?

There are no very typical dishes in Kazakhstan, where people mostly cook the same way they cook or were cooked in the steppe. Above all, this includes meat: mutton, horse meat or camel meat. Vegetarians have a hard time in Kazakhstan. In addition to meat products, there are dairy products, also from the animals of the Kazakhs, horses or camels.

Is there a national dish?

There is actually a national dish in Kazakhstan. This is called Beshbarmak. It’s a kind of noodle stew that people used to like to cook with horse meat. Today, beef, lamb or even chicken are used as meat ingredients. The pasta dough is rolled out very thinly and then cut into rectangles. You then pick up the whole thing to eat. Lepeschka is a flatbread made from unleavened dough.

Sheep’s head for the special occasion

Is a festival celebrated in Kazakhstan, the Kazakhs rich at the beginning Kumys or schubat which are fermented mare’s milk or salted buttermilk. At a party they also like to serve a cooked sheep’s head to a guest.

And also?

A popular dish in Kazakhstan is called plov, which is a kind of stew made from rice, turnips, meat, mostly from sheep or lamb. There are also raisins. You put everything in a pot and cook it in a special oven for several hours. You can see what the result looks like in the photo on the right. People like to eat it in Kyrgyzstan too, there you will find a recipe for plov !

Hospitable Kazakhstan

A country that has welcomed so many different nationalities is usually characterized by great hospitality from its people, including Kazakhstan. Guests are welcomed and taken care of.

Eating in Kazakhstan