Landmarks of Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is located in the northern part of the island and can call itself the capital of Taiwan. The city is home to a perfect combination of old and new. The authentic part of Taipei can be found mainly on the west side, while the eastern part is mainly characterized by modern architecture and impressive shopping centres. Taipei is a vibrant city that is above all clean and organized. You can visit many nice sights and meet the very friendly people. Special places to visit include the National Palace Museum and the Mengijia Dragon Mountain Temple. Of course you should also visit one of the Night Markets when you are in Taipei.

Top 10 sights of Taipei

#1. Taipei 101

According to Country Gardening, the Taipei 101 is an imposing building that can be seen from virtually every position in the city. The Taipei 101 has quite a few floors and has a whopping 89 floors. A lookout post is also located at this height. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Taipei. The tower is equipped with a super-fast elevator, which in itself is an experience to experience. In less than 40 seconds the elevator takes you to the top floor. This happens at a speed of more than 1000 meters per minute.

#2. National Palace Museum

As the name suggests, the National Palace Museum in Taipei is built in the shape of a palace. In this museum you will find a remarkable and impressive collection of various relics and artifacts. Most of these artifacts were once owned by Chinese rulers. They actually ended up in Taiwan and Taipei via various detours. The National Palace Museum is beautiful for its special architecture, but the exhibitions inside are also worth a visit. The museum therefore preserves a large Chinese art collection that can be regarded as one of the largest in the world.

#3. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The memorial hall pays tribute to the late president of China, Chiang Kai-Shek. You will find this special attraction in the Zhongzheng district. The memorial hall is a national monument that was built after the death of the president in 1975. The building with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 15,000 m2 was designed by Yang Cho Cheng. The memorial hall is 70 meters high and has two sides with 89 steps. These symbolize the age of the president. The monument can also be viewed from the inside. On the ground floor you will find a library and a museum where you can learn everything about the life of the former president. A large statue of Chiang Kai-Shek can be found on the top floor.

#4. Night markets

If you are in Taipei, you simply cannot miss a visit to one of the many night markets. If you don’t come for the numerous stalls with local dishes, then for the cozy atmosphere or to stroll along one of the many shops with clothing. Even if you are looking for traditional Chinese herbs, you have come to the right place. It is best to visit the Dihua market near Zhongshan. The Shilin night market is also highly recommended.

#5. Mengjia Dragon Mountain Temple

In Wanhua, close to Taipei, you can visit the Mengjia Dragon Mountain Temple. Another name for this landmark is also called the Longshan Temple. The Dragon Mountain Temple dates from the year 1738. During the period of the Japanese occupation, the building was also used as a school. Now it is a Buddhist temple classified as a historical heritage. The Mengjia Dragon Mountain Temple is the oldest temple in Taipei. The outside is characterized by the presence of dragon images. The inside of the temple is also well worth a visit. At the entrance you will be welcomed by real waterfalls. Daily rituals take place that you can also attend. The Dragon Mountain Temple is located in the center of Taipei.

#6. Liberty Square

Liberty Square, of course, stands for Freedom Square in Taipei. The square is located opposite the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Liberty Square is an impressive and especially large square. On weekends you can enjoy the presence of street musicians. At the same time, this is the place for locals for a pleasant picnic. Freedom Square in Taipei also has a guard. You can find this near the bronze statue of the former president in the memorial hall. If you stick around long enough you can see the guard changing every hour.

#7. Xiangshan

Xiangshan is also referred to as Elephant Mountain. You will find this mountain in the center of the city and it is very suitable to climb. This is best done via the indicated hiking trails, which mainly consist of steps. The trip up takes about half an hour. At Xiangshan you have a beautiful view of the Taipei 101 tower, but of course also of the city itself. This attraction is very busy, especially in the evenings. Many people come here to enjoy the illuminated city and the sunset.

#8. Miniature Museum

The Miniatures Museum in Taipei is very nice to visit. Everything is shown here in a mini format that makes it look like you have turned into a giant. The museum was founded by the couple Lin Wen-Jen and Lin Chin-Mei. Their predilection for small things has led to the opening of this special museum. The couple also had a great passion for travelling. You will therefore regularly find well-known street scenes and cultures of European and American countries. The works are very detailed. Even the small houses are fully furnished with furniture.

#9. Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park is located quite close to the center of Taipei. This nature reserve has many changing landscapes. You can admire mountain peaks, but also hot springs that are 2 million years old and real forests of bamboo. In the park you will find various special animal species such as blue magpies. You have also come to the right place for a nice walk. You can walk various routes such as the Bird Watching Trail. The Yangmingshan National Park is highly recommended if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the center.

#10. Eating dumplings at Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is Taipei’s premier dumpling restaurant. They also have a restaurant in China which has been awarded a real Michelin star. In addition to the worldwide known dumplings, you can also enjoy Taiwanese food or other Asian snacks here. The nice thing about this restaurant is that you can follow the chefs from behind a glass window. Din Tai Fung is located in the center of the city, near the Taipei 101 Tower. It can get quite busy, but the food at this restaurant is well worth the wait.

Taipei, Taiwan