Music in Indonesia

As Indonesia is composed of different peoples and cultures, the country holds a rich variety of musical expressions, from the music of the tribes of Borneo and Sumatra to the refined cultures of Java and Bali, of the Western-inspired music of the Christian population of Maluku and the Arabic-style music of the Islamic coastal population to the quaint Gamelan music that has more in common with the music of Thailand and Indochina.

music culture

Indonesia has a rich and varied music culture, most famous is probably the Gamelan music from Java and Bali. 

Gamelan music, performed by large ensembles with metallophones of various kinds, highlights the richly varied orchestral tradition. Other sonic and highly cultivated instruments are cloth (mouth organ), rebab (string instrument), sole (bamboo flute) and angling (bamboo pipe groove ). The impulses from Portugal in the 16th century are embodied in the popular crony orchestras with guitar, mandolin, violin, European flute and double bass, found throughout the country.