Nagariya, Israel

According to Bridgat, Nahariya, Nahariya, Nahariya – in different dialects, his name sounds differently. This small resort town is modestly hidden just a few kilometers from the northern border of the country. As they like to say in Israel: “When Tel Aviv is working and Jerusalem is praying, Nahariya is sunbathing.” Indeed, most guests come here for a calm, measured beach holiday and treatment. In addition to the sea, here you can visit the ruins of the Crusader castle, caves, the Holocaust Museum, and go diving. An important circumstance for those who are thrifty is that prices in Nahariya are very high.

As a resort, the city began to develop in the mid-30s. of the last century, when the local Jewish farmers could not withstand the onslaught of the Arab farmers with their cheap products and decided to make money on tourists. This was facilitated by the mild climate and the presence of the sea.

How to get to Nahariya

There is a direct railway line to Nahariya from Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv. At the office On the Israel Railways website, you can calculate all possible departure options and find out prices. Taxi from the airport will cost 450-700 ILS.

From Jaffa (Tel Aviv Yafo – Central Bus Station Tel Aviv Floor 6 Alighting) to Nahariya (Yanush Korchak Central Station) Egger bus number 909 departs on Thursdays (off. site), travel time – 2 hours 40 minutes.

Another way to get to Nahariya by public transport is to fly to Haifa Airport and then take the same train or bus.


Nahariya is a medium-sized settlement, but there is a well-established bus service here. Minibuses “sheruty” go here – a fast, convenient and inexpensive alternative to the bus. It is not customary to catch a taxi on the street, you can order it on the Internet or at the hotel reception, the cost of a trip within the city is 18-40 ILS.

To move around Israel, it is best to issue a Rav-Kav card, this can be done at the bus or railway stations. All trips are recorded on it, you can pay with it both on trains and on city buses.

For autonomous movement around Nahariya, you can rent a car, bike, bicycles. Parking is paid almost everywhere, except for the parking lots of hotels and restaurants, provided that you are their client. Bicycle rental is available on the waterfront and in many public places. To rent a two-wheeled transport, you need to pay with a card in a special machine. If you delay the return of the bike, you will be charged a large fine.

Nahariya Hotels

As in any seaside city, in Nahariya the most expensive hotels are located in the center – on the first line, but this does not mean that they are the best. Here you can find very cozy guest houses, apartments, villas 1.5-2 km from the center on the seashore or in the depths of the city. The price of such housing will be cheaper by about half. A double room will cost at least 315 ILS per night with all amenities, breakfast and sometimes even with your own kitchen. A respectable stay costs 900-2300 ILS per night for a room with a sea view, with a jacuzzi on the balcony and a fully equipped kitchen. Many hotels allow pets.


The main pride of the resort is sandy beaches, in Nahariya they are artificial – bulk. Galei Galil Beach is one of the best, located in the very center. It has a sandy entrance, rescue teams keep order, there are toilets, tables for rest. The beach is free, nearby – the archaeological excavations of the fortress 2200 BC. e., as well as a complex of swimming pools for children and adults.

Sokolov Beach is also located in the center of the city, south of Galei Galil, it is completely covered with sand, but at the entrance to the water and near the shore there are stones – you need to be careful. During the day, lifeguards work here, there are toilets, changing cabins. Within walking distance of a good entertainment infrastructure – cafes, restaurants, children’s attractions, shops. In the evening, live music often plays in coastal establishments; you can sit at dinner while watching the sunset. Entrance to the beach is free.

Beach umbrellas and sun loungers in Nahariya can be rented for 25-40 ILS per day. If you want to save money, buy an umbrella in a supermarket, and use a towel instead of a sunbed.

Achziv Beach is part of the national park and consists of two small shallow lagoons that quickly warm up with the sun. You can swim in them even when the sea itself is cold. There are no waves – very convenient for small children and those who cannot swim. Entrance fee – 30 ILS. It is from this beach that divers go to explore the coastal underwater world. Here you can admire the ruins of a medieval fortress. Despite the fact that it is located 5 km north of Nahariya, there are a lot of guests here during the high season.

Diving in Nahariya

The northern coast of Israel is ideal for scuba diving. This is facilitated by the magnificent underwater world – rocks, grottoes, sunken ships, rich marine life. Features of the sandy bottom and comfortable water temperature (from +17 to +30 °C) allow diving here almost all year round.


Israeli medicine is considered one of the best in the world. Nahariya is home to a large state medical center – the Western Galilee Hospital (Galilee Medical Center). It has been operating since 1956. It treats a full range of diseases from dermatology to oncology, IVF and plastic surgery. There are Russian-speaking staff.

Cuisine and restaurants of Nahariya

Due to the geographical location in Nahariya, certain food preferences have developed – this is a mixture of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines. The first is represented by meat and fish dishes with rice, couscous with various sauces and spices, soups, hummus, sweets with honey. The second is pizza, fresh and stewed vegetables, light meat and fish dishes, seafood, olive oil-based sauces and much more.

In Nahariya, there are often coffee houses where you can have a cup of aromatic drink with a bun or cake. The city has restaurants of European, American (steakhouse), as well as exotic cuisines – Japanese, Chinese. It is worth trying Israeli fast food – shawarma in pita bread or in pita. Those who follow religious rules will enjoy kosher dishes prepared according to the law of kashrut.

The cost of lunch in a restaurant varies from 70 to 200 ILS for two, excluding alcohol. Street cafes will please with more affordable prices – 20-40 ILS per dish.

Sights of Nahariya

The northern part of Israel is not as rich in impressions as the central one, but there is something to see in it. The embankment of Nahariya is a street running along the sea, a favorite place for morning jogging, cycling and evening promenade for vacationers and residents of the city. It offers beautiful sea views, it has the main attractions for children and adults – cafes, restaurants, children’s attractions, archaeological sites and picturesque ruins.

The city’s Botanical Garden presents traditional Eastern Mediterranean nature. There is also a small zoo (Ben Ga’on Street, 8). Children will be delighted to meet kangaroos, meerkats, a variety of birds and mammals.

The Rosh HaNikra grottoes and tunnel is a unique place on the northernmost border of Israel, on the ancient road connecting Acre and Tyre, along which Alexander the Great himself passed in 333 BC. e., and after him for 2.5 millennia, and many other conquerors (off. site in English). Sea water and geological processes have formed beautiful grottoes here. To see them up close, you need to use the steepest cable car in the world with a slope of 60 °. From above, a magnificent view of the multi-kilometer coastline of Israel opens.

Not far from the grottoes is the only land road to Africa – a tunnel inside the rock. Once it connected Egypt and Europe, it was laid rail and road, but during the Israeli-Lebanese war was destroyed.

It is worth visiting the Lohamei HaGetaot Museum (off. site in English) – Museum of the Nazi genocide of Jews and national resistance. It is interesting not only inside, but also outside. It has an unusual architecture, next to it there is a modern amphitheater and an old aqueduct.

If you go in the direction opposite to the sea, you can get to two places confirming the presence of the crusaders in Galilee – these are the ruins of knight’s castles. They are poorly preserved, much worse than a similar building in Akko, but as a bonus, guests get beautiful views from the rocks to the surroundings.

Montfort Fortress – admission is free, there is a viewing platform in the Goren park, which offers a panorama of the castle (Goren, Mitspe Khila, Northern district. Coordinates: 33.044512, 35.226572). Yehiam Fortress – entrance fee: for adults / children – 14/7 ILS. Opening hours: from 8:00 to 16:00 – in winter / 17:00 – in summer (Kibbutz Yehiam, Israel. Coordinates: 32.994364, 35.221238).

Nagariya, Israel