Phuket, Thailand

In southern Thailand lies the well-known island of Phuket. With many different beautiful beaches that attract, Phuket is definitely a destination to visit for tourists vacationing in Thailand.

Phuket is located in southern Thailand and is a very famous and well-visited tourist. It is also Thailand’s largest island. And it is not just beaches that the island consists of, above all it is a mountain island that is also covered by a lot of forest. The longest mountain range stretches 440 km. Mai Thao Sip Song (Twelve Canes) is the island’s highest point and is 529 meters above sea level. Laem Promthep (Brahma’s Cape) is not the highest point on the island, but on the other hand, this lookout point located on the south side of the island is very popular and well visited.

A strong attraction to Phuket is the island’s many different types of beaches. The most beautiful are located on the west side of the island. Very famous are the beaches of Patong Beach, Karon Beach and Kata Beach. Batong Beach is a two kilometer long sandy beach. From the beginning a fishing village, which has now developed into a really well-visited tourist destination. There are several different hotel chains for those traveling on a budget and those looking for luxury. The most famous beach is Karon Beach – a beach with white soft sand. Just such a place that many people dream of spending their vacation days at. Kata Beach may be the smallest beach of the three, but still well worth a visit. It is geographically a little different, as the beach is much wider and instead of being straight, the beach curves. Along all beaches there are hotels, restaurants,


It is also interesting to know that in order to work for an even more beautiful environment, the Thai tourist authority has now introduced a ban on commercial activities on the beaches. This is to contribute to a more environmentally friendly island and sustainable nature!

And if you need a little more adventure instead of just enjoying the beach, there are great opportunities for beach and sea activities. Such as snorkeling or diving. For those who are eager to leave the sea, the lush jungle and the many mountains are perfect for day hikes and explorations.

It is also good to know that it is possible to fly directly to Phuket because the island has its own airport. Several different Swedish travel companies travel to Phuket and it is also possible to get here with charter companies such as Apollo. As the island has its own airport, a trip to Phuket is a great combination with other destinations, such as Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand and an interesting city that is a must visit!

It is also good to know that when it comes to means of transport, it is the classic tuk-tuk that applies, or moped taxi. But the various local buses also work.

In most places on the island, there are ATMs to make contacts. In many places, credit cards are also accepted as payment.

Before you book your ticket, it is also good to check the weather. Phuket has the very best weather from March to May. The rainy season is between May and October.

Phuket – beautiful beaches and many opportunities

Phuket - beautiful beaches and many opportunities

According to itypeauto, Thailand is one of the world’s most visited countries, at least for Swedes during the cold winter months that Sweden has. The landscapes are beautiful, people friendly and not only that, the prices in the country are very comfortable. As the sun shines and warms the days to the end, this has become a popular destination where people go again and again.

Phuket Island is probably one of the country’s most visited tourist destinations. The island consists of as much as 70% of forests and beautiful paradise beaches and here there is something for everyone to experience and see. There are three beaches on the island that have managed to capture the hearts of most people, where one of the beaches is the most child-friendly. Of course, it is the beaches of Kata Beach, Karon Beach and Patong Beach that are talked about and for those who never visit the island, these places are a must.

In addition to beautiful beaches, there are also other experiences and perfect places for excursions. As there are a lot of mountains and mountain ranges on the island, there are also fantastic viewpoints to get up to. Laem Promthep is the place for this and the easiest way to get here is by bus or local taxi. As the sun is very hot in Phuket, it is important to protect yourself properly, especially the higher up you get. Sun hat, cap and sunscreen for everyone are therefore preferable.

A short distance from the place is also Phuket Zoo. Here you will find a large collection of tropical and exotic animals, including monkeys, tigers and huge elephants. For those who are interested in fish and water, there is also a huge aquarium to view and a huge greenhouse with enchanting orchids.

There is undoubtedly always something to invent in Phuket and the island is as created for tourists. In Patong you will find the best places for a night out, but also restaurants and places for a good and fruity drink. Shows and karaoke bars are standard, so if this is close to your heart, you have come to the right place. Take to the streets like Bangla Road and Sui Sunset and you will quickly notice that this is where the party prices gather.

Just like in most places, the island also offers calmer and more relaxed activities. For those interested in golf, Phuket offers some of the best golf clubs the country has. At Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa, you can enjoy the excitement of golf and then end a long day of relaxing spa treatments.

With that said, there is no doubt about why Phuket is among the best islands in Thailand. The advantage of this island is that the airport is relatively large, which means that you can fly directly from parts of Europe and end up on site, without a stopover in Bangkok. Admittedly, it will then be a fairly long flight without any breaks at all, but many families with children still testify that it is the simplest and most flexible option for all family members. However, if you want to experience what Bangkok has to offer, there are flights that stop over in the city and give you a few hours free to look around.