Sights of Tainan, Taiwan

The city of Tainan is located in southwest Taiwan. The place is also known as the culinary place to be and at the same time exudes a lot of atmosphere. Besides the various eateries and restaurants, Tainan is also famous for its many temples. Although the city is quite modern and home to many students, Tainan is also home to several points of interest. By visiting a Dutch fort, you will also learn everything about our history in Japan. In addition to a vibrant nightlife, the city also offers various shops, markets and museums. You will also get your money’s worth in Tainan in terms of cultural history. For example, by visiting the Confucius Temple of Taiwan or the Cho-mei museum.

Top 10 sights of Tainan

#1. Chi Mei Museum

According to Historyaah, Tainan’s Chi-Mei Museum is located in the Rende district. The private museum was founded in 1992 by Shi Wen Long. the museum can roughly be divided into 5 categories. You can view various collections of Western art, but also old weapons and musical instruments are plentiful. In addition, you can learn everything about natural history through the various exhibitions and there are various halls with sculptures from different eras. The Chi-Mei Museum also has a large park which is suitable for an extensive walk.

#2. Fort Provintia

Fort Provintia was built by the Dutch East India Company, or the VOC. Provintia is nowadays also called the Chihkan Tower. This is because the fortress was rebuilt in the nineteenth century after it was destroyed by an earthquake. The relatively tall building is impressive to look at from the outside, but you can also enter for a small entrance fee. Fort Provintia mainly served as an outpost for the Dutch in the VOC era. Today it is one of the most special sights of Tainan.

#3. Taiwan Confucius Temple

The Confucius Temple was built between 1665 and 1666. This was the time when the Ming Dynasty was still very much present. The temple also served as a school during this era. This made it the first official school in Taiwan. The Confucius Temple is located in Tainan and can be considered one of the most important temples in Taiwan. The temple is visited by many tourists every year. You can enjoy classical Chinese music, but also ancient rituals that are still performed. Taiwan’s Confucius Temple features distinctive red walls and structures. There is also a park where you can take a break or have a picnic.

#4. Taijiang National Park

Just outside the city of Tainan you will find Taijiang National Park. This is a very extensive park where you can enjoy special nature. You can visit salt flats, but also take boat trips on the canal. The green tunnel of mangrove trees is definitely recommended. Taijiang National Park is also suitable for cycling enthusiasts. You can follow various routes that take you past nice sights such as temples and an old fort. The Park also has sandbanks and mudflats. As a result, the National Park is also frequently visited by many special bird species.

#5. Garden Night Market

The Garden Night Market is located in the northern part of Tainan city. This is a bustling night market where lovers of culinary delights and local snacks get their money’s worth. The market has existed since 1999 and has since then grown into a large night market with over 400 stands. You can enjoy various kinds of good food, entertainment in the form of games and various stalls with trendy clothing. The Garden Night Market is popular and busy. The night market is open several days a week from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

#6. Koxinga Shrine

A visit to the Koxinga Shrine temple is definitely recommended if you stay in Tainan. The temple is located near the Confucius Temple and can therefore be combined with a city walk. The temple was built in honor of Koxinga at the time. This man fought successfully against the occupation in the times of the VOC. As a result, the Dutch were successfully expelled from Taiwan. You will find a statue of Koxinga next to the building. The temple has a fairly modern look, a spacious courtyard and an imposing entrance gate. The temple also has a museum which is worth a visit.

#7. Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park

In the center of Tainan you will find the Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park. You can visit a lot of small shops here, but also admire street art and other art forms. The park is a nice location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take beautiful pictures of various works of art in the open air. Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park is also a place where you can meet many locals. They meet for a nice chat, but also to take beautiful selfies for Instagram. That makes Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park highly recommended if you are in Tainan.

#8. Shennong Street

Shennong Street is an authentic street in Tainan. Due to its unique and representative appearance, it is also regarded as one of the most beautiful streets in Taiwan. The street and associated houses are over 300 years old. You can admire facades in soft colors, as well as traditional lanterns that decorate the balconies. Some houses in Shennong Street are still inhabited. Almost most of the old buildings now serve as a bistro, restaurant or souvenir shop. A visit to this beautiful and cozy street is definitely worth it. Be surprised by a traditional Japanese snack or an extensive meal in one of the cozy eateries.

#9. Anping Tree House

A visit to the Anping Tree House should not be missed during your visit to Tainan. Because it is located close to Fort Zeelandia, you can combine these sights very well. Anping Tree House was a former warehouse. Over the years, the cottage has been completely overgrown and occupied by a huge banyan tree. You can view the inside of the Anping Tree House, but you can also follow a walkway where you can walk over the old warehouse via the tree. This gives you the opportunity to view this special attraction from all sides.

#10. Fort Zeelandia

During your stay in Tainan, you should not miss a visit to Fort Zeelandia. This settlement was built by the Dutch of the VOC. The fort is also called Fort Anping and dates from 1624. You can still admire the old original wall which was built at the time using syrup and rice. A visit to the accompanying museum is also worthwhile. Here you can view a replica of Fort Zeelandia in its heyday, but you will also learn more about the role that the Netherlands played in the history of Taiwan and Tainan.

Tainan, Taiwan