The Best Street-Style of The Week (XLVIII)

Few weeks had seen a Street-style male more complete and varied than this. The Edition number XLVIII dedicated to the best urban looks of the last few days appears in the most varied styles and trends, although there is a conductive pattern that remains in many snapshots that we discuss today: the vintage.

Many of us are big fans of this Ode to old clothes, but I had never seen him with so much emphasis on the male Street-style. Perhaps the explosion of men’s fashion week and some other chance have wanted that so many good styles in a same post coincided. Let’s see.

The boys of photography that crowns the post are a perfect example of this vintage and retro style. Both walk perfect with their cigarettes by the square of one large city, one with a red wool CAP and the other with a coat of neck of lamb’s wool so similar to Ralph Lauren. Do not you think a great couple? Although if you like couples, the best are these guys. She as it deserve a primary place in the Street-style Mensencia, the essence that transmit both the quality of the picture (from the angle until the color is great).

With a somewhat similar aesthetic, although already markedly different, appears this guy by combining the camel pants with grey of his cardigan point and his jersey, all complemented by a black scarf. A set of very simple, but well chosen.

Some styles this week are somewhat more diverse, as it is the case with this man that he has all the earmarks of being (or have roots of) Italian. There are no other nationality that is capable of combining a yellow shirt with trousers and a scarf of the same color and not destroy the look in the attempt. The sobriety of the shoes and jacket may be what allows to hold the striking effect of yellow.

Finally, I’d like to outline the look of the next guy. It is clear that nobody can copy it, because it is a purely anecdotal look, but it caught my attention style of wrap, so similar to those presented by Chanel in the autumn-winter 2010 season / 2011. If the cold pressed, perhaps the choice of this type of garment so warm is a great option.

In the gallery you have these and many other images that will hopefully get you inspired this week. What did you think of the XLVIII Edition of the best Street-style of the week?

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