Top 10 Largest Cities in India


India is a large country that can be found in the south of Asia. Not only does it have a large area, but with 1.38 billion inhabitants. it is the second populous country in the world. So it goes without saying that the cities of India have a lot of inhabitants. How much exactly? You can read that in the top 10 largest cities in India.

10. Jaipur – 4 million inhabitants

Jaipur is located in the north of India and is best known to tourists as the pink city. That has everything to do with the many pink buildings in the center. The inner city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Until the nineteenth century, the entire city was surrounded by a city wall, but eventually the number of inhabitants became too large. Since then, suburbs have also been built to make more space for new residents of Jaipur.

9. Pune – Population 6.8 million

In the west of India you will find the city of Poona. The city has a beautiful location on the edge of a mountain range and two rivers meet at the center. The population has grown explosively in recent years. This is largely due to the rich industry of the city. Thus, many cars are produced and some call it the IT capital of India. So many professionals travel to Pune to build their career.

8. Surat – 7.5 million inhabitants

Surat is located on the Indian coast and also has a beautiful location on the Tapti River. This makes it an ideal port city that has been able to flourish over the years. It used to be mainly an important destination for pilgrims. They boarded the boat to Mecca here . Today, the port is no longer Surat’s main source of income. The city is known as the “Diamond City of India”, famous for its diamond polishing and cutting. In a few years, Surat may move up this list of India’s largest cities, becoming the fastest growing city between 2019 and 2035, according to a study by the Economic Times

7. Madras – Population 9.8 million

Madras is also called Chennai. This Indian city is located in the south of the country and has a beautiful location on the Bay of Bengal. The base of Madras was originally the Fort of St. George, a British settlement. Slowly the city expanded, with the economy flourishing. It is now a large industrial city and an important location for companies that want to house their customer service abroad.

6. Ahmedabad – Population 11.5 million

Ten years ago, Ahmedabad was named the fastest growing city in India. It is therefore not surprising that the city has secured a high spot on this list. With a beautiful location on the Sabarmati River, the city was an important base for the British. Over the years, Ahmedabad has developed into a real textile city, which is why it is also called the Manchester of the East.

5. Hyderabad – Population 13.8 million


Hyderabad is located in the south of India. It is a city with a history of more than 400 years, so you will find a lot of old architecture. Especially temples, mosques and bazaars are part of the historical center of the city. As with other major cities in India, the IT industry is particularly important to Hyderabad.

4. Bangalore – Population 14.3 million


Bangalore is also located in southern India and has been a city since 1400. Despite its rich history, it is now mainly a city known for its innovation. It is not called the Silicon Valley of India for nothing . You will therefore find a lot of modern architecture, but historical buildings such as temples or the Lal Bagh botanical garden also belong here.

3. Calcutta – 14.9 million inhabitants


For a long time, Calcutta was one of the largest cities in India, but over the years a number of cities have overtaken Calcutta. With a population of 15 million people, it is still a huge city. Calcutta has long been under the influence of the British and has a location in the east of the country. In the center you will find a number of impressive religious buildings, such as temples and cathedrals.

2. Delhi – Population 20.5 million


Delhi is the official capital of India and the second largest city in the country. It is an important cultural center with many theaters and museums, but also universities and large factories have a place in the city. Buildings such as the modern Lotus Temple and Mongolian monuments alternate effortlessly here.

1. Mumbai – 24.5 million inhabitants


It may not be the capital of India, but with 24.5 million inhabitants, Mumbai is clearly the largest city in the country. It is the city of Bollywood, but also a city where you can discover ancient architecture. It is also evident here how the British left their mark on the city, with several structures that honor British history and culture. But also a lot of modern buildings and high skyscrapers, which is also necessary to accommodate all those millions of people.