Travel to India

Most people dream of visiting India, which is so often described as the enchanted land of fairy tales. Here is everything you can expect in a fairy tale with beautiful palaces, fantastic animals, exotic bazaars and cities with winding alleys. India also has some of the world’s most talked about and famous sights.

Many also describe and praise the atmosphere that characterizes this unique country with delicious food experiences, aromas and a culture characterized by both Hinduism and Buddhism. Street life is also unique with free-ranging cows, ornate vehicles and a throng of people in every alley. India, however, not only consists of overcrowded cities and sights, but here are also fantastic sandy beaches and peaceful mountain landscapes for those who dare to explore the country on their own.

Plan your trip

It can be difficult to experience this whole country in a single trip and many therefore choose to return. You can advantageously book a trip with an organizer who focuses on themed trips to get the most out of going there. There is a lot to see and experience in India. Different health trips are often arranged and then you can experience the country at the same time as you participate in various forms of yoga and meditation.

Visit the Taj Mahal

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the impressive tomb monument Taj Mahal. Its white and gem-decorated facade is known all over the world for its beauty and unique background history. The beautiful building is built as a tribute to a beloved and prematurely deceased wife. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal and it took over ten years to complete the construction. The building is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered one of the world’s seven newer wonders and may well be worth a visit. The Taj Mahal at sunrise should be an absolutely fantastic experience and many tour operators choose to visit the monument then.

The river Ganges

An absolute must when traveling to India is a visit to the sacred river Ganges. The river is a destination for pilgrim Hindus who believe it cleanses from sin. It is also of great importance at Hindu funerals during which the body is first burned and the remaining ashes are then sprinkled across the river. A very common sight on one of the banks of the Ganges is precisely that people throw themselves into the water and wash themselves everywhere. However, the water looks anything but clean and it is probably not so healthy to take the custom where you go.

A culinary experience

For many, holidays and travel are associated with both good food and drink. You not only visit a country but you also take part in its food culture. Indian cuisine has a good reputation in the world and as in the promised land of spices, cumin is combined with cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and much more. You have to taste Tikka Masala, Nanbröd, Korma and Pappadam on site. Not to mention delicious lentils, beans, peas and vegetables. Vegetarian dishes are very common in India and the food is generally quite spicy.

Wonderful Goa

According to localtimezone, Goa is a unique little gem. An exciting mix of culture, tasty cuisine and beautiful beaches have made Goa very popular with tourists. Goa is India’s smallest state but it gives an impression that far exceeds its relatively small size. Long beautiful beaches cover the spectacular coast and many tourists rightly spend their days there sunbathing, swimming and listening to the waves. But Goa is more than just sun and swimming. There is a rich history and many temples to visit.

Visit wonderful Goa


Perhaps the first thing that many people think of when they think of Goa is its beaches. If you are looking for sun and swimming, there are many spectacular beaches to choose from, whether it is a party you are looking for or if you want peace and quiet. At the beaches there are usually simpler restaurants and many vendors. The beaches in northern Goa are generally livelier while those in the south are of a slightly more peaceful nature.

Palolem is known as one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, a beach that has now been discovered by tourists but still retains its status as one of the most worth seeing beaches in Goa. In addition, it has a small island that it is possible to go to when it is low tide. Arambol is one of the less touristy options if you are in northern Goa and want to escape the crowds. Betul is also a beach that tourists have not yet discovered to the same extent as many others. Anjuna is a long sandy beach perfect for you who want to combine long days on the beach with a rich nightlife. Vagator is a very lively beach, with many street vendors and a large selection of dishes. Baga and Calangute are both very popular with charter tourists.

Of course, there are many more beaches to choose from. No matter what you are looking for, there is always something for you.

Tourist attractions

Goa belonged to less than 400 Portuguese and it is still noticeable in the culture which is a strange mixture of Portuguese and Indian, of Hinduism and Christianity. This means that there are many Christian churches there to visit, such as Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and the Basilica of Bom Jesus. There are also a large number of beautiful temples. Shri Chandranath Temple is one of the most famous. Here you can even sacrifice something to the gods. The Mangeshit Temple is also well worth a visit.

There are also many different markets for you who want to come home with something very special. The market in Anjuna offers many exciting experiences in the form of shopping, food and a lively crowd. Or why not visit a spice farm to get your fill of flavors and aromas? At Tanshikar Spice Farm you can get a guided tour.

In Goa, there is something for everyone

In Goa, there is always room for both peace and quiet and meditation as well as for wild parties on the beach, sun and swimming and unique cultural experiences. Here is something to experience for everyone.