What to see and do in Dubai?

Dubai sounds to many as an incredibly luxurious destination and it certainly can be. This city that was built where it was really mostly a desert just a decade ago and which is now home to billionaires and where tourism flows. If you go there, you can really enjoy extreme luxury if you have the money for it, but there is a lot to see and do even for those who do not have extremely much money but travel on a more regular budget. Either way, you will not regret a trip to Dubai and it will definitely give you something to talk about once you get home from the trip.

Powerful to just walk around

Dubai is the city where you do not have to plan every hour for you to see anything. It is powerful to just walk around the city and look at all the buildings that have been erected in record time. However, there are some buildings that naturally stand out a little extra from the crowd. The Burj Khalifa is widely known and one of the city’s most visited areas. Burj means tower in Arabic and it is the world’s tallest skyscraper. It measures 828 meters above sea level and is surrounded by nice parks where you can sit and have coffee and just look up at the huge building. If you want, you can go up in Burj Khalifa mother for a penny. The view is supposed to be fantastic if you time to go up on a clear day.

Another burj that you should visit is the Burj Al-Arab. It is a hotel at least as famous as the Burj Khalifa. It is out in the water and looks like a sailboat. It is an incredible luxury hotel and is considered to be one of the world’s finest hotels. You have to stay at the hotel to go there or you do as many tourists do, you book an Afternoon tea. Then you can go there and drink tea and are later admitted.

Because Dubai was built where it was once a desert, you can book a desert safari and ride around the desert on a camel. It is possible to book both with and without accommodation and in such cases you will be able to spend the night under the stars in a temporary tent that you have with you on the camel’s back. There are also permanent tent sites that have a slightly higher standard. Perfect for you who want to experience something a little different on your trip.

Because everything is huge in Dubai, most things are very impressive. They have a huge mall called Dubai Mall which is just impressive to see and wander inside. For those who want, it is possible to order a taxi inside the mall in the form of small golf car-like vehicles. Inside the mall you can buy everything you want and you can also go to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo. You get close to the fish and the big underwater animals and it is really recommended and the whole family will be happy.

What to see and do in Dubai