Entertainment and Attractions in Tokyo, Japan

It seems that you can discover Tokyo from new sides endlessly. A rather sad fact for most tourists who have a two-week vacation. So, as in the case of shopping, you need to understand in advance which city you want to see: ancient, futuristic, party or thoughtful.

Temples, parks and cherry blossom viewing

A step aside – and hurrying, noisy and too modern Tokyo freezes, time stops, and the traveler is suddenly imbued with a piece of eternal Zen wisdom, flowing through the alleys of insanely beautiful Japanese gardens, past the walls of majestic and calm temples. It’s great to contemplate and pacify in the asymmetric garden of eight landscapes of Happo-en, Yoyogi Park, Hamarikyu alleys off the coast of Tokyo Bay, where the largest pine tree in Japan grows. The oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji, which appeared on the territory of the current Asakusa region almost 1,400 years ago, the temple of the goddess Kannon, the Tosegu temple and the surroundings of the Koke Imperial Palace (inside, alas, they are allowed only a couple of times a year) are a must to visit.

Best places for cherry blossom viewing: Imperial Park, Ueno Park, Koganei Park, Sumida Park. You can also take a table in one of the cafes of the Naka-Meguro quarter, which is comfortably located on the banks of the river of the same name, lined with cherry trees.

Museums and theaters

According to Allcitycodes, there are so many museums in Tokyo that even a museum card is issued not for a few days, as in European cities, but for 2 months. The range of exhibition topics is so wide that advice would be superfluous. It is best to trust the inner call by superimposing it on the geography of the planned movements and consulting the Grutto Pass booklet.

Traditional theatrical performances are sometimes quite expensive and very long-lasting pleasure. The performance at the Theater can take up to 5 hours, and a ticket for good seats in Kabuki-za costs from 15,000 JPY. You can book seats in advance on the theatre ‘s website.

Night life

The hippest (and most competitive) nightclubs in Tokyo are arguably Womb Tokyo and AgeHa. The best parties, unbridled fun, cool show and famous guests at the consoles and on stage. Look for an intimate, even homely atmosphere in the tiny bars of Golden Gai Street. The main street of the red lights – Kabuki-te – is not at all the same as 10-20 years ago, the Tokyo authorities are gradually “squeezing” completely depraved entertainment out of the city. In addition, in Japan, gaijins who have come in large numbers have little chance in this regard – only their own are allowed into the most “interesting” establishments.

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Neighborhood Tokyo

Nikko National Park (135 km northeast of Tokyo) is picturesque lakes (the most beautiful is Chuzenshi or Chuzenji), Kegon and Shirakumo waterfalls, gorges, onsen hot springs, ancient temples and chapels. The pearl of the resort is the Tosegu temple complex, which includes 23 architectural monuments, including the famous five-tiered pagoda and the Yakushido temple. Many festivities, festivals and crowded processions dedicated to the religious performances of the Japanese are held annually in Nikko. And, of course, getting out of Tokyo, you can not miss a meeting with the incomparable Fuji, one of the most famous mountains in the world, a dormant stratovolcano and a symbol of Japan in one bottle. The most convenient and safe period for climbing Mount Fuji is from early July to late August.

9 things to do in Tokyo

  1. Gather your courage and taste the fugu.
  2. Experience a magnitude 7 earthquake at the Ikebukuro Bosai-Kan Information Centre.
  3. Find and occupy an empty bar on Golden Gai.
  4. Never get lost.
  5. Stare enchantedly at Miyazaki’s magical clock.
  6. Keep in your passport or travel notebook the living and official symbol of Tokyo – the Ginkgo Biloba leaf.
  7. Cat cafe – yesterday! Sit in the company of real owls in one of the owl cafes Fukuro no Mise.
  8. On Sunday, go to Yoyogi Park and take a look at the rockabilly party. Do not dance, even if you really want to.
  9. Collect a collection of photos of Tokyo’s funniest sewer manholes.

Tokyo for kids

Leaving aside the high cost, the dramatic change of time zones and the transport ambiguity of Tokyo, we can safely say that this is a convenient and interesting city for traveling with a child. For very little ones in malls, at metro stations and train stations there are rooms with changing tables, elevators and wheelchair lifts are equipped near the stairs, there are no problems finding a cafe with a children’s or familiar European menu or special chairs.

Children a little older – from 3 years old to infinity – will be happy with a couple of days spent at Disneyland and Disney Sea. It is pairs, and even more, because the Tokyo park of the world franchise cannot be bypassed in one day with all the desire. A more measured, but no less exciting event for young cartoon fans will be a trip to the Ghibli Museum of Anime, filled with Hayao Miyazaki’s characters. It is worth taking care of tickets in advance, especially during the Japanese school holidays.

A child who is fond of science and everything unusual and curious will appreciate the Miraikan Museum – 6 floors of the interactive future will be remembered for a long time.

The oldest zoo in Japan, Ueno, which is deservedly included in the list of the best zoos in the world, will help feed the love for real animals, and not drawn or robotic ones. Animals live here in as close to real conditions as possible, in total, Ueno contains more than 2,600 feathered, furry, waterfowl and other entertaining guests.

A separate topic is toy stores. They not only amaze the imagination with their choice, but also make a child out of even the most serious adult. Everything can be touched, everything can be played, and it is absolutely impossible to leave without shopping. Hakuninkan Toy Park and Kiddy Land chains deserve special attention.


Not only Disneyland: fans of extreme sensations will find entertainment for the whole vacation. First of all, you need to visit the Amusement Park in Tokyo Dome. The sweet spot: The visitor is free to choose between the more expensive almost all-inclusive pass and cheaper tickets for individual attractions, such as the unusual Big-O ferris wheel, the absolutely insane Thunder Dolphin roller coaster flying through it, or a dozen other attractions. Then we go to Fuji Q Highland – an amusement park from the Guinness Book of Records deserves its own day. Toshimaen and Yomiuri Land parks lure guests not only with steep slides and Ferris wheels, but also with good water activities.

Attractions in Tokyo, Japan