Entertainment and Attractions in Hainan, China

Arriving in Hainan, you must definitely set aside 2-3 days and ride around the island in search of beautiful views and interesting sights. They are in abundance here.

To get to know Buddhist culture better, you should go to Nanshan Temple. Not far from it, on an artificial island, stands the world’s tallest statue of the goddess Guanyin, and in the sanctuary there are about a dozen sculptures of the Buddha himself.┬áSee MATERNITYETCHIC for China customs regulations and visa requirements.

From the observation deck in front of Nanshan, a picturesque view of the sea and a giant statue of a bodhisattva opens up.

Bethel Nat Ethnic Park is located 30 km from Sanya. It is dedicated to the life, customs and traditions of the small Li and Meow peoples. Scattered throughout the territory are huts where you can learn about tattoos, dialects and other features of the locals.

The Sky Grottoes are the oldest attraction in Hainan.

Hainan has many picturesque natural parks and reserves. In one of them, on Monkey Island, more than 2,000 tailed inhabitants live. You will have to get here by funicular, but you can admire the island and the South China Sea surrounding it. Another entertainment is fishing on rafts, there are also small restaurants serving excellent seafood dishes.

Another park, Sky Grottoes, is considered the island’s most ancient landmark. It was founded almost 1000 years ago. Today, South Mountain attracts tourists with beautiful views and historical buildings, including the Temple of the Dragon King of the South China Sea, which houses a statue of the ruler himself, and the Wall of Records at the top of the mountain. In addition, the Sanya Natural History Museum is located on the territory of the Taoist Park.

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3 things to do in Hainan

  1. Learn how to brew and drink Chinese tea according to all the rules.
  2. Eat plenty of tropical fruits and get a vitamin charge for the whole year.
  3. Experience the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine.

Hainan for children

The resorts of Hainan are well suited for families with children. Most 4 and 5 * hotels are equipped with play areas, small pools with slides, a daily entertainment program and a children’s menu in the restaurant.

Not so long ago, a large modern water park opened in Sanya. It is divided into 3 zones – children’s, children’s and teenage and adult. There is a pool with artificial waves, which is also divided into 2 parts – in one the tide is very weak, in the other a real storm is raging.

On the shores of the picturesque lake Dongshanhu, there is the largest natural zoo in the Asian region (off. site in English). Here are collected animals from different parts of the country – elephants, giraffes, monkeys, spotted deer. There are also dangerous predators – lions, tigers, crocodiles, so the tours are conducted by jeeps or buses. This place bears little resemblance to our familiar zoo with cramped cages. Animals are kept in conditions as close to natural as possible. The zones are separated, but the enclosures are so spacious that their borders are almost invisible. Peaceful inhabitants can be approached, stroked and fed.

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The beaches of Hainan

All beaches in the resorts of Hainan are municipal, equipped by hotel managers with everything you need: sunbeds, umbrellas and showers. The beaches are sandy and gently sloping everywhere, the water is warm and clear. There are four bays in the south of the island, where Russian tourists mainly rest: Sanya, Sanyavan, Dadonghai and Yalunvan.

By the way, the Chinese come to the beach not so much to swim, but just to sit, admire the sea and watch the white aliens in their natural habitat. The Chinese themselves prefer to stay away from the sea – it’s cheaper.

The entrance to the water in all the bays is smooth and gentle, it is very shallow near the shore, so swimming is convenient and safe even with small children. The territory of the beaches is conditionally divided between hotels, but there are no fences, you can relax where you like. Entrance is free almost everywhere, showers, changing rooms and toilets too. The only thing you have to pay for is sun loungers and umbrellas (20-50 CNY) and all kinds of water activities (from 200 CNY for a trip on a boat or “banana” to 1000 CNY for fishing on a specially equipped boat).

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On the island, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pulmonary, skin and urological diseases, rheumatism, osteochondrosis and hypertension are treated. Treatment on the island excludes any form of surgical intervention and is carried out exclusively by traditional Chinese methods in combination with the use of natural medicines. The center of traditional Chinese medicine “Garden of Longevity” in the Dadonghai area at the Pearl River Garden Hotel is well-known. Another center, SanYiTang, is located in Sanya, and not so long ago, a branch of this clinic opened in Yalong Bay, at the Cactus Resort Hotel.

Other popular centers are Taiji and Yu-Kang. The healing thermal springs of the Nantian complex, on the territory of which there are more than 30 pools with water of different temperatures and chemical composition, will also help improve your health.

Attractions in Hainan, China