Wildlife in Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s largest island kingdom, consists of 17,508 islands. Animal geographically, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Bali belong to the Oriental region, while Papua belongs to the Australian. Sulawesi, Maluku and the islands east of Lombok constitute a transition zone between the regions.

The 450 species of mammalian fauna include 150 bats (including many large fruiting species), 45 squirrels and 100 other rodent species. The primates range from primitive woodpecker mice (own order) to gibbon and orangutan, as well as ghost monkeys, macaques, languras and nasal monkeys – a total of 40 species.

Languer belongs to the subfamily leaf monkeys

There are numerous weasel -, sneak cat Рand småkattarter. Large predators such as tiger, leopard and tree leopard have disappeared from much of their former range, the same applies to elephant, tapir and the two rhino species. Wild boar, chevrotain and muntjac are common. Gibbons are the only large mammals found in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java. Sumatra and Kalimantan also include orangutan, Malay bear, tree leopard, Indian elephant and Sumatran horn.. On Sumatra and Java, tigers are found, and on Java and Kalimantan there are banteng cattle. Creator wallpaper is found only on Sumatra, while leopard and javaneshorn live only on Java. Sulawesi has many native animal species: couscous, macaques, deer and two small buffalo (anoa). Papua and the surrounding islands constitute the western boundary for Australian animal groups such as punk rats, tree gurus, cashiers and paradise birds.


Almost 1000 bird species occur in Indonesia. Herons, birds of prey, pigeons, cuckoos, owls, hornbills and woodpeckers are richly represented. Among the many pheasant birds there are also bankivas (the origin of domestic chickens) and argus pheasants. Among passerines is Bulbul, skriketroster, flycatchers, flower pickers and Sunbird benchmark. The reptiles are characterized by giant species such as delta crocodile, net python, tiger python and komodovaran (the world’s largest lizard). Russell’s viper and Indian cobra or spectacle snake are dreaded poison snakes. Farm Animals capable of gliding exists among mammals (kaguang and flying squirrels), reptiles (pract eavesdroppers, flygeagam, flight gecko ) and amphibians ( flying frog ).

Sprawling saltwater marshes and mangrove forests, especially on Sumatra, have numerous crustaceans (including ginger crabs ), mud crawlers and shooters, otters, crab monkeys, nose monkeys and many birds. Peacock spiders and bird wings ( butterflies ), wandering sticks and wandering leaves are the giants of Indonesia’s rich insect fauna.

Southern blunt horn

Southern blunt horn is near threatened. The second subspecies, the northern blunt horn, is functionally extinct after the last male died in 2018.