Indonesia’s Defense

Indonesia has official public service obligations for men and women from the age of 18, but military service is selective. The total strength of Indonesia’s armed forces is 395,500 active personnel, with a reserve of 400,000 (2018, IISS). In addition, some 280,000 semi-military come in police forces, maritime patrol, coastal defense and customs.


The army has a personnel force of about 300 400 active personnel. Heavier materials comprises 79 tanks of a Leopard 2, 350 light tanks (275 AMX-13, 15 PT-76, and 60 Scorpion), 142 reconnaissance vehicles, 64 armored vehicles and about 367 armored personnel. In addition, the Army has nine light transport aircraft and 95 helicopters (of which 14 Mi-35 combat helicopters).

Indonesia's Army

Air Force

The Air Force has a personnel force of 30 100 active personnel. Materials include nine fighters of a F-16, 40 fighter aircraft (24 F-16, five Su-27 and 11 Su-30), six maritime patrol, one tanker, 49 transport aircraft, 121 trainers (of which including 30 Hawk and 15 T-50 which can also be used as light fighter aircraft), and 36 helicopters.

The Navy

The Navy has a workforce of about 65,000 active personnel, including about 20,000 Marines. The fleet includes four tactical submarines, five dock landing vessels, 13 frigates, 20 corvettes, 96 patrol vessels, eight minesweepers, 74 landings, and 26 auxiliary vessels. The Navy’s Air Force has 27 patrol aircraft, 33 light transport aircraft, and 39 helicopters.

International operations

Indonesia participated in the 2018 UN operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) with 180 personnel and nine observers, in the Central African Republic (MONUSCO) with 208 personnel and four observers, in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 1295 personnel and one frigate, and in Sudan with 800 personnel and four observers (UNAMID) and two observers (UNISFA) respectively.